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"This is a must-read for those who are seeking to reclaim their health" 
Erin S. Kalan, D.O. - Primary Care Physician
It Is NOT about "pain management,"
- yet these strategies will help you get more done with less time & hassle.
It Is NOT about "traditional medicine,"
- yet these strategies will help you vastly improve your ability to live life way more comfortably.
"Prax hits the nail on the head. He eloquently identifies our personal lifestyle behaviors as the cause and the cure of most chronic diseases, including neuropathy. And he provides a fascinating summary of a Knight's roundtable of powerful, useful tools to aid the body in healing itself from neuropathy. A marvelous contribution written in a light, humorous, conversational style."  Kent W. Peterson, MD - Former White House physician


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Permanently End Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy
Without Big Pharma, Surgery or Trial & Error
To Those Suffering From Neuropathy,

Hi! My name is Dr. Brian Prax.

Don't you hate the numbness, the needle-striking pain, the burning, and the tingling? Are you sick of Peripheral Neuropathy preventing you from enjoying the best years of your life? And are you feeling desperate... with no hope in sight?
I've heard all of this before from people just like you.

Since the very beginning, the defining purpose of my professional life has been to eliminate pain and suffering. Having worked with thousands of patients for over 22 years, I am no stranger to the devastating physical effects and emotional pain of Peripheral Neuropathy.
I wish I could personally guide you through this difficult condition as I have done so many times before... I could then help you avoid the pitfalls and snares that prolong the pain of so many neuropathy sufferers.

If you're still reading, you or someone you care about is probably going through the pain of peripheral neuropathy and you need a solution today. 

If that's the case, I have news you're going to love:
"Dr. Prax's book describes effective modalities for treating neuropathy. Do your own research and consider Dr. Prax as an ally in your journey to good health; I did."  Marian Pinkham; Retired M.D.
You are, of course, correct to be skeptical. After all, most healthcare professionals will tell you that your condition cannot be treated.

They might tell you that your best option is to "manage" the symptoms with a variety of powerful, expensive and even harmful prescription medications.

While this common philosophy is 100% wrong, it isn't entirely your Doctor's fault... and I'll explain why below. 

Until then, I want to assure you that the treatment program I'm about to share with you DOES WORK for ending neuropathy pain. It has worked for my patients. It is working right now for people all over the world who are using my solution at home. And I am convinced that it will work for you!
My Self-Treatment Program Provides 
a Simple, PROVEN Solution. 
  • I've seen it work almost every time with my patients.
  •  My patients span all age, background, ethnicity or gender groups and the results are positive for all. 
  •  Effectively treats chronic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic nerve pain, and discomfort in any body part.  
  •  Often permanent because it heals the source of your pain by restoring damaged peripheral nerve endings. 
  •  Works whether your Peripheral Neuropathy results from diabetes, chemotherapy, hypertension, the process of aging, or any other major influencing factors. 
  •  Are you currently using prescription medication to control your symptoms? My method still works. 
  •  Can be used effectively after neuropathy, back, hip and other types of surgery, even when the procedure failed. 
  •  My method is simple and when done correctly, my patients often see results immediately.
My fingers were numb, and my legs were having sciatica -they were keeping me up all night. It was just pain and aching. I went on the program and started on the diet right away. It's more like a lifestyle. I have lost 10 lbs so far and I am more alert. I'm not having my gastrointestinal problems. At 6 weeks into this program, I am feeling 50% better. I'm really pleased with my progress. I needed help!  I learned that we can regenerate nerve activity. Most people don't know that. Their physician's don't tell them what's possible because they don't even know it themselves."

Update: "Here I am at the end of my program, and I've had not just one, but 2 nights of painless sleep for the first time in a very long time. Also, my medications have been significantly reduced, my balance is way better, and my lower back pain is now 75% better. I'd like to sum Dr. Prax's program up with this statement. "Super, super, super! The best! 10 stars!" 

~ Mary S
WARNING: As a Neuropathy Sufferer, 
You've Probably Been Given Bad Advice!
I want to give you a WARNING right now.

Discouragement, dependency, brutal side effects, and crushing financial and emotional burden are unfortunate side-effects when you follow the advice below (commonly given by Doctors who don't know the truth about healing Neuropathy).

When it comes to your Neuropathy illness, there are some things you MUST AVOID at all costs.
  •  Prescription Medications... 
  •  ...Painkillers, Antidepressants, and other drugs.  
  •  Risky surgical procedures to "managing" pain.  
  •  Frustrating trial and error tactics when nothing else is working.  
  •  Crazy gimmicks and alternative treatments that rely on faith rather than research data.
Drug Companies Don't Want
You OR Your Doctor to Know This Little Known SECRET.
I hate seeing good people suffer needlessly because they've been sold on only using prescription medications, where they are almost certain to experience discouragement and despair.
I want to be completely honest with you. For many years, I, like most Doctors, also thought Neuropathy was a life-sentence for my patients. Boy, was I wrong! If only I could step back in time, knowing what I know now. 

You see, this "wisdom" is still generally accepted as fact by many healthcare professionals, and it's largely the result of drug companies controlling the message and knowledge being presented to your Doctor... that Peripheral Neuropathy is a hopeless condition to treat, and that the only "real option" for relief is to pump their patients full of drugs. 

As overwhelmed as medical doctors are these days, the easiest approach is to simply buy into this myth. It's the old "take these pills and call me if you still feel weird tomorrow" approach.  

Which is exactly what the drug companies want. They want you to feel like there is no point in looking elsewhere... or trying something new. They want you to give up and surrender yourself to your Neuropathy condition... and continue buying their expensive meds! 

It is a mistake, that I made too early in my career, before I developed the right way for treating Peripheral Neuropathy permanently!
That's Just a Taste of What You Will Learn In My Revolutionary Book. In Each Chapter, I Give You Actionable Advice That Can Significantly Improve Your Health And Permanently Cure Peripheral Neuropathy.
"Dr. Prax has created a thoughtful program including nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will improve the overall health and well-being of the neuropathy patient as well as the public at large."
-Samuel Schustek, D.PM. (Podiatrist)
Hear The Truth From Those Who've Applied These Principles...
"At the young age of 83 I got to where I couldn’t hardly walk anymore and I had too much weight. I was in excruciating pain most of the time. So, I decided to do something about it.
"When I first started coming in here for treatment it was for my feet and for my back and legs. I had considerable leg damage from a total of 8 back surgeries. I have rods in my back so I came in here with a lot of pain in my feet, legs, and back. Since then I’m able to work 6 hours a day now instead of 2 hours a day. That’s quite an improvement and it’s a lot of fun to be able to get out and do things on my farm. I have a tree farm and there is always something to do. I’m a workaholic so I work all the time if I am able.
"My number one thing is hunting and fishing, I live to hunt and fish. I like to make things in my workshop and I just love to get on my buggies and ride around the mountain, enjoying the outdoors. It was very limiting. I could not put my shoes on myself, I couldn’t get my socks on and I was getting tired of people coming around to get my socks off or my shoes on. I can get my socks on now, I can get my shoes on and off, I can get my clothes on and off, so my wife gets a break.  I'm very thankful that my wife found this program for me, and thank Dr. Prax immensely."
Al B

"It was unbearable. Three months ago I was begging my husband to take an axe saw or something and just cut my feet off. (Her feet were burning, numb, tingling and swelling from diabetic neuropathy).  Now I have more energy, I can get up and do things like I wanted to.  3 months ago I couldn’t do that because it was just so unbearable - me even standing on my feet.

"Now I’m walking and doing things around my house, and going places with my husband. I wanted him to just let me lay there and die. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. I’m never hungry on the diet and I have a goal of  [losing another 30 pounds] by Christmas day. I thought it was a gimmick, I really did, and I told my husband I’ll find out, if it’s not, I will stick with it. It was 100% truthful.

"I have an appointment [with my medical doctor] coming up and I’m gonna rub it in her face because she told me there was nothing she could do for my neuropathy.  She said I was gonna have to deal with it the rest of my life and I didn’t think there was any hope out there until I found you guys. It’s amazing, get off the sugars, get off the sodas and eat real food.  Dr. Prax's program really does."  

Helen W 
I’m standing up straighter and I have more energy.  [From the neuropathy treatments] the energy goes up from the legs to the body and of course, it’s working on my back too. Like yesterday, I didn’t even tell [Dr. Prax] where it was, I just said my lower back and he pinpointed right there! He just really knows the body. That’s what I’m so impressed with.

"When you walk so stiff and you’re hurting and you’re popping whatever pills you’re taking, I tell people you won’t need as much. I swear by it. It’s just totally different.  Try this program out, I did and it worked for me!"
Sage G
{From Dr. Prax's neuropathy treatments] my dizziness is almost completely gone. My acid reflux has gotten completely better and I lost about 13 pounds or so. It’s sad to hear from a medical doctor when they say you're gonna have to learn to live with it and to just kind of give up.

"I’m going to the fair tomorrow. That’s something that last year at this time of year, I never would have imagined doing. Just to think that I can be far away from home and feel sick and not be able to lie down or crawl in bed and just lay there. There are things that I can actually plan to do, to go the fair, to go out, to go to the park and walking my dog…I mean, just the simple things. It’s just wonderful. I’m living again."
Ana M
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Dr. Brian Prax, DC, CCSP, BCIM, CAFNI

If you are suffering from Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy, my Revolutionary New Book has real answers and solutions to permanently heal your pain and illness.

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